Where Do Ants Nest?

Besides foraging for food, ants also build nests. These nests can be found inside and outside homes.

Pavement ants are often seen throughout the United States. They are about 3.3mm in size and have dark brown or black bodies. These ants prefer to nest in cracks in pavement and foundations. They also prefer concrete slabs and mulch.

Carpenter ants are also found throughout the United States. They have been spotted in lawns and pavement cracks. They are also classified as insects and are known for their erratic movement. They can damage wiring, light fixtures and electrical equipment. They can also cause interior ant infestations.

In some cases, ants will be driven indoors by periods of heavy rain or drought. They will find shelter under appliances in houses and under the flooring. They are also attracted to properties that have easy access to food and water.

Ants will also be found in bathrooms. These rooms are usually damp and provide plenty of water. They are also easy to find behind walls.

Odorous house ants are commonly found in kitchens. They are small dark ants with coconut-like smells when crushed. They are also known as sugar ants. These ants are attracted to sweet treats.

When ants are looking for food, they create scent trails to guide them. They may also create protective covers over feeding sites.

Some species of ants are considered to be nuisances while others are dangerous to property. The species referred to as pests can transmit salmonella and streptococcus.