Where Do Ants Go During the Winter?

During the winter, ants are not out and about as much as they are in the summer. Instead, they are hidden away and seeking out warmth. During these cold months, they may hide in your home or business. If they find that you haven’t cleaned your home and are storing food in the refrigerator, they may be attracted to the food.

During the winter, ants go into a metabolic state called diapause. This is similar to hibernation, in which they do not lay eggs, eat or drink. They also conserve their energy by using less food and less energy to maintain their body temperature.

During the winter, ants will huddle together in small groups to share their body heat and conserve energy. They will also look for a warm place to hibernate. Some ants will build elaborate tunnel systems in their nests and bunkers to survive the cold.

Other ants prefer the shelter of the ground. Some species, like the Carpenter ant, build a nest in the wood of a tree.

Other ants will find shelter in decomposing leaves or debris. They may even move to warmer areas if the weather turns cold.

Many ant species will prioritize shelter over food. They will huddle together in a safe and warm location to conserve energy and protect the queen.

Ants are extremely hardy creatures. Depending on the species, some may even survive a cold winter. Argentine ants, for example, live through very harsh winters.