Where Can I Buy Chinese Chalk For Ants?

During a recent study by UC Riverside, several varieties of Chinese chalk were tested. They found that the chalk was actually a better way to control ants than commercial sprays. The chalk was also more pleasant to use than commercial sprays.

However, it is not legal to use chalk in the United States. It is illegal to sell it in the United States and it is illegal to import it from China.

The chalk may not work on all ants, but it is a great way to temporarily derail an ant trail. In fact, there are many products available that do this. The most popular product is Hit Chalk, which is sold by Godrej.

Aside from ants, chalk can also kill other insects. This is one of the most important things to know about chalk. It can be used around food cabinets and hiding places, which will kill the majority of insects.

It is also important to keep children away from insecticides, as they can be harmful if ingested. Another interesting fact is that ants carry bacteria in their bodies. This can spread as the ants move around.

One of the most interesting and impressive insect-killing chalks is called Miraculous Insecticide Chalk. It is sold under various trade names. Some of the companies that manufacture and distribute this product are: Chico Crop Science Co., Ltd.; Fujian Jianteng Trading Co., Ltd.; and Guangdong Mystic Dragon Co., Ltd.