When the Ants Go Marching In

‘When the ants go marching in’ is a children’s song that teaches counting, math, and rhyming. It is a simple song that is very catchy. It is based on the American Civil War song ‘When Johnny Comes Marching Home’. The song was written by Irish-American composer Patrick Gilmore. The song was originally sung by the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War. It was first published in 1863 by the Library of Congress.

Ants love to travel in groups. They travel ten by ten. They have a habit of heading indoors to escape heat and rain. They are always hungry, and they are a pest. They like to leave food around. They are also a delight to watch. They overstay their welcome.

This song is a great way to teach your children math. The song will help them learn the numbers one to ten. They will also have fun listening to the lyrics, which are often accompanied by actions. You may also want to read the labels on your food and cleaning supplies to avoid pesticides. You can also protect yourself from bugs by washing your fruit and vegetables, and ensuring that all pet food dishes are clean and dry. You may also want to use chili powder or rubber gloves to help prevent pests. If you do not want to use these methods, you can also seal entry points and clean your pet’s food dishes regularly. There are also many sprays and other pest control methods that you can use.