When Do Ants Have Wings?

Generally, only reproductive ants have wings. They use their wings as a means of flight. They mate in flight and find a new nesting site.

The ants in a colony are divided into four castes: workers, queens, drones and alates. The workers do all the work in the colony. They search for food and lay eggs. They feed the reproductive ants during development. They also expand the colony. They are the largest caste in the colony.

Queens lay all the eggs in the colony. They also use their wings as food source. When they find a good nesting site, they detach their wings and start building a nest. Then, they lay eggs and begin to raise the next generation of offspring.

Reproductive ants and drones take flight when the colony is ready to expand. They also use their wings to find a new nesting site. They also lay eggs on human property. They are the largest caste in the ant colony.

Ant colonies mature between three and six years. They are social insects and form complex social networks. They swarm when the temperature rises and the sun comes out. Depending on the climate, the swarming season can be from late spring to early summer. A large swarm can number in the thousands.

They are not dangerous. Unless they are seriously irritated, ants won’t sting. Their wings can still be discarded on the floor. A swarm of winged ants can signal an infestation inside your home.