What is the Weight of an Ant?

Despite their small size, ants are very strong. Their muscles are 100 times stronger than human muscles. Their neck muscles allow them to carry loads that are several times their body weight.

One of the largest ant species is the African wandering ant. Its muscles are so strong that it can carry loads that are ten to fifty times its own weight. Other large ant species include the South American ant and the leafcutter ant.

There are approximately 10,000 species of ants on earth. These are divided into three groups: workers, queens and queen army ants. The workers do the heavy lifting in the colonies. Their duties include feeding, caring for offspring and laying eggs. Some workers also dig tunnels to expand their nests.

The average ant weighs between one and five milligrams. Larger ants can weigh up to 150 milligrams. There are also several species of ants that are 100 milligrams. Among these are the African wandering ant, the leafcutter ant and the South American ant.

The neck muscles of ants allow them to lift objects up to thirty times their own body weight. These muscles have a very high cross-sectional area.

Interestingly, these muscles have a slightly different structure from human muscles. This may affect calculations of strength. They are also used to support the head forward.

In addition to the strength of their muscles, ants have a strong exoskeleton. They are protected by a stinger on their bodies.