What Can You Use For Flying Ants?

Getting rid of flying ants is not a problem you can take lightly. These pests tend to fly into homes through small cracks in the wall. You can remove them from your home with a vacuum cleaner. You can also use a natural spray for flying ants to suffocate and kill the ants.

You can make a natural pesticide spray by mixing peppermint oil with liquid dish soap and water. You should shake the mixture well and then apply it to the ants.

Another natural spray for flying ants is made by mixing baking soda and powdered sugar. These ingredients are known to be effective against the ants. This mixture will force the ants to digest the baking soda and then carry it back to the colony.

Borax is another effective way to kill flying ants. You can make a trap with cotton balls and Borax solution. After you have filled the cotton balls, you can place them in the area where you see the ants.

You can also use an aerosol spray to kill flying ants. You should always follow the label instructions. Aerosol sprays can damage pets and other people in your home. Using a bug zapper is also a good way to kill flying ants.

You can also make a sticky tape trap. You can use duct tape or honey to make these traps. Sticky tape traps are effective at killing flying ants.

You can also make use of diatomaceous earth to kill flying ants. This substance is a natural substance that can be sprinkled on or under cabinets, appliances, and food sources. It can take twenty minutes for the ants to die.