Is An Ant Animal?

ants are one of the most common creatures on Earth. They have a life cycle that includes four stages.

In the first stage, the ant larva lives in the brood chamber. The larva is fed until it becomes a pupa. The larvae of some species grow in the ground, while others live above ground. The larvae of some species have diapause, or an inactive state.

In the second stage, the larva is moved to another brood chamber. The larvae of some species are moved among several brood chambers. In some species, the larvae go into a dormant state in the winter. In other species, the larvae are kept at a constant temperature.

The larvae of many species are unable to live on their own. They are fed by the workers of the colony. They have a hard outer body known as the exoskeleton. The outer jaws are used for digging and carrying objects. The inner pair of jaws are used for chewing.

The ants are classified as part of the order Hymenoptera, which includes bees, wasps and saw flies. The order contains around 150,000 species. There are some ants that are considered invasive species, including the red imported fire ant.

Most ants are univoltine, meaning they live on the ground. The colony of an ant may consist of millions of individuals. It may also occupy a large territory. A colony consists of a fertile female known as a queen, workers, and males. The workers are the most important part of the colony.