How to Determine If a Tree With Carpenter Ants is Salvageable

Often, it is difficult to determine whether a tree with carpenter ants is salvageable. Luckily, there are several ways to determine if a tree is affected.

First, check the tree for signs of decay. If decay is visible, this may be a sign of carpenter ant infestation. The ants take advantage of decay to build their nests. They may also enter the tree’s soil and create tunnels. This allows them to enter the wood in order to feed. This can lead to a deeper infestation.

Another sign of a carpenter ant infestation is ants swarming around the base of the tree. These ants will be present in areas that have been damaged by storms, pruning, or fungal disease. If you see ants, you may want to call a pest removal company to inspect your tree. They can tell you if there is an infestation and if it is serious.

You can also use ant baits to destroy the ants. These are available in plastic bait stations and ant stakes. They can be placed around the base of the tree or along ant trails.

Another way to kill carpenter ants is by spraying diatomaceous earth. This is an abrasive product that can destroy the insect’s exoskeleton and joints. It also helps to kill eggs and larvae. You can apply it to the base of the tree or to the nest.

Ultimately, you should not cut down an infested tree. You should only do it if there is a serious threat to your property or if the tree can’t be salvaged.