How Fast Do Ants Walk?

Several species of ants are found on every continent. The fastest of these is the Saharan silver ant, which has been recorded reaching a speed of 85 centimetres per second. This is nearly three kilometers per hour, and it is faster than a six-foot-tall man with 90 kilograms of weight.

Unlike humans, ants have six legs. This allows them to simplify locomotion by moving the legs in two groups of three. In addition, they are protected by a silvery coat. This coat, which reflects the sun’s radiation, is also used to offload excess thermal energy.

The ants travel up to 6.5 kilometers (4 miles) from their nests in search of food. In their quest, they leave the scent trail behind them. When they find food, they return directly to their nests. The ants then use their antennae to lay down chemicals to attract other ants.

The fastest ant is the Saharan silver ant, also known as Cataglyphis bombycina. The silver ants can reach a speed of up to 85.5 centimetres per second. They can also swing their legs at a speed of up to 1,300 millimetres per second.

According to a study by the Ulm University, the Saharan silver ants are the fastest animals on the planet. These ants are fast because they need to run quickly to get out of the hot desert sand. They cover more ground than humans because they have longer legs. In fact, they can reach distances of up to 16600 inches in seven minutes.