How Do Flying Ants Lose Their Wings?

During the summer, it is common to see flying ants around. They are usually spotted near doors or windows. However, these insects are not necessarily dangerous. Unlike termites, they are harmless to humans. However, if you are concerned about them, you can always call a pest control professional.

Flying ants have two wings on each side of their body. These wings are different lengths, and they are often not used for flight. However, they are a useful means of finding a nesting site. The female ants that swarm will shed their wings after mating.

Swarming is an ant function, and is a key component in the reproductive cycle. When female ants are ready to breed, they will shed their wings, allowing them to take flight and find a suitable nesting location. Swarming can last for a few days or weeks.

The female carpenter ant is the first to drop her wings, followed by her male counterparts. She will then begin to lay eggs in her new colony. Once the female ant lays her eggs, she will eventually become the queen of her own colony.

Ants are often confused with termites. However, termites are only small black insects with wings. They are rarely seen with wingless ants.

The flying ant swarm is a popular social event, and can be observed from the space. However, flying ants aren’t genetic mutants. They have a distinct body shape, and they are often attracted to light or water-related defects.