How Do Ants Work All Day?

Various species of ants are active at different times of the day. Some species build anthills on the surface of the ground, while others have tunnels several feet deep in the ground. In some cases, these anthills are so huge that they tower several feet above the ground.

The most common ants to invade homes are the carpenter ants. These ants follow chemical trails to find food. They create a well-beaten trail, and they may use it year after year.

A mature carpenter ant colony can contain about 10,000 individuals. These ants are fast moving, and they follow a path along linear objects. They may be nocturnal, meaning they spend most of their time during the night.

A worker ant takes about 250 naps per day. They may sleep while scouting for food, while moving along the surface of an ant mound, or while inside an underground tunnel. The average ant takes about a minute nap, but workers often take irregular intervals.

The average queen ant sleeps about nine hours a day. She has a sleeping cycle that is deeper than that of the worker ants. She also takes 90 breaks a day. This might explain why queen ants live so long.

Many species of ants have night-adapted eyes. This makes it easier for them to find food and avoid enemies. Using their antennae, ants can “hear” vibrations in the ground. They also use their mandibles to break apart food. They can lift 10-50 times their own weight.