How Do Ants Help Humans?

Despite their reputation for being pests and nuisances, ants actually have many useful traits. They help control pests, clean up debris on the ground and decompose dead animals. They also help control soil chemistry and structure.

Ants live in terrestrial habitats all over the world. They are closely related to wasps. They have a strong, scavenging nature and have been around for millions of years. They prefer moist and warm places to build nests. They will nest in a variety of places, including toilets, bathtubs, and cracked window sills.

Some ants build underground chambers for food and rest. They also construct large voids in the soil that help improve air circulation. Other species create tunnels that are many feet deep below the ground.

Some ants also create nests in cracks in the pavement. They nest in a variety of places, including homes, lawns, and electrical outlets. These nests can be dangerous if they become out of control. They are prone to stings.

Some species of ants prey on eggs and larvae of other household bugs. They are also good at pest control in farm fields.

These ants are also capable of laying chemical trails to find food. They also store large amounts of food near their nests. They can also raise aphids as livestock. They can also transfer materials to cooking surfaces.

Some ants are also known to sting people. The Bulldog Ant is known for its painful sting. It is also dangerous, and can be fatal to some people.