How Can Ants Get Sick?

Generally, ants are a harmless insect. But ants can get sick, just like humans. Ants are related to other insects, such as roaches and worms, and a number of them carry bacteria. This means that ants are not immune to diseases, and that they are a potential carrier of nosocomial infections.

Ants have adopted a number of behaviors to keep themselves healthy, and a recent study shows that ants can learn to get better if they’re exposed to certain chemicals. For example, the ants in the study were given a choice between drinking honey water laced with hydrogen peroxide and drinking plain honey water.

Ants are known to be attracted to sugar. They may also be attracted to certain drugs, such as narcotics, which secrete a great amount of dopamine into their brains. It’s unclear whether they choose the substance because they’re addicts, or whether they’re simply attracted to it.

Some scientists think that sick ants in nature might have a secret cure for infections. A chemical called hydrogen peroxide, found in honeydew, can kill fungus.

Various types of bacteria are also known to live in ants’ guts, and the ants in the study carried non-isolated bacteria from their surroundings.

Some ants even carry bacteria inside the home. In fact, ants can transmit bacteria to humans, and have been known to do so when they eat.

Ants have also been known to get intoxicated by drinking alcohol. They can get sick from drinking too much, too quickly, or even by eating too much sugar. But ants don’t always realise how much they’re drinking, or how much damage alcohol is doing.