How Big Are Fire Ants?

Among the most common pests in the United States, fire ants are known to cause medical and environmental problems. They are known to deliver a painful sting, and many people are allergic to their venom.

Fire ants typically grow to about 1/8″ – 1/4″ long and vary in size from species to species. Fire ants are known to sting several times, and their stings can cause swelling and irritation.

Fire ants are usually found in southern states. They are also found in the western U.S. They build their nests under porches, in trees, and under buildings. The nests of fire ants are usually irregular, and they may not be as large as some other ant species.

Fire ants build their nests in sunny areas. They usually build their nests under patio slabs, under sidewalks, and inside electrical boxes.

The worker fire ants are small, but they can sting relentlessly. They are also known to be very aggressive.

Fire ants are also known to swarm out of their nest if they are threatened. If you see a fire ant, you may want to call a pest control company for help. They can be very dangerous to small children and pets.

Fire ants typically have a black gaster, a bulbous oval-shaped abdomen, and stingers on the ends. Some species of fire ants can grow to 34 inches long.

Workers of fire ants live for approximately 4-6 weeks, and scavenge for food in the morning and evening. They carry their food back to their nest.