Do Ants Kill Cockroaches?

Whether ants kill cockroaches or not, they are a nuisance and can cause more damage than they are worth. It is important to identify the species of ants and cockroaches you are dealing with before attempting to exterminate them.

Depending on the species of ants, some can eat cockroaches alive. These species are called myrmecophiles. The word “myrmecophile” means “ant lovers.” The genus Attaphila is a three millimeter-long cockroach that is commonly found inside leafcutter ant nests.

Other ants, like carpenter ants, are known to eat dead insects, even cockroaches. They can even be found inside homes and buildings.

These ants also feed on protein and sugar. They are highly opportunistic eaters and will eat almost anything. They also eat insect eggs, animal feed, plant sap and milk.

In some areas of Africa, ants are known to keep many types of insects away from homes. They also steal spider silk from webs for their nests.

They also eat protein to grow. These ants are also known to feed on the bodies of crawling insects and people. They attack in groups. The red imported fire ant, a pest that is sometimes called a cockroach, is one of the most aggressive species. They can attack people and pets.

If you are concerned about cockroaches, you should try to avoid places with a lot of standing water, unclean food and other areas that are unsanitary. Also, you should keep your kitchen clean. You should wash your dishes regularly and put them in sealed containers.