Cinnamon and Ants

Whether you’re trying to protect an outdoor space from ants or keep ants out of the house, cinnamon can be a great way to keep them out. It acts as a natural repellent, and is safe around pets and children.

Cinnamon works in part by disrupting ants’ pheromone trails. Pheromone trails are scent trails left by ants to communicate with other ants. By disrupting these trails, cinnamon can keep ants from seeking food and other items in your home.

There are two different types of cinnamon. Cinnamon powder and cinnamon essential oil. The essential oil is more powerful than the powdered form. You can spray a mixture of cinnamon essential oil and water on ant infested areas. Then, wipe the area with a microfiber cloth.

You can also use cinnamon sticks to repel ants. You can also spray the solution on the ground around ant entry points. It may be necessary to apply it often.

Another way to control ants is to use a citrus-based solution. Lemon juice, coffee grounds, or vinegar can all disrupt ants’ pheromone trails. They also help to mask the scent trails left by ants.

Cinnamon essential oil also works to keep ants away. The organic compound cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon can kill ants. It has a strong smell, and ants don’t like it.

Ants are drawn to moisture, food, and other odors. They also like sugar and stains on food. By using cinnamon in powder or oil form, you can keep ants away.