Can You Eat Ants When Pregnant?

Whether you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or just want to make sure you are eating the right things, you may have heard that eating ants is not a good idea. You may have also heard that ants can be poisonous. While ants are a good source of protein and are low in fat, you should be careful about what ants you eat.

Most ants are not aggressive. There are some that are, however. If you accidentally ingest a poisonous ant, you may be afflicted with a fatal allergic reaction. If this happens, you should contact your doctor immediately.

House ants are a good source of protein. Each ounce of roasted ants contains four grams of protein. They are also low in fat, which makes them a healthy food choice for pregnant women.

Ants also contain high amounts of antioxidants, which can help reduce inflammation and protect cells from free radical damage. They may also be beneficial to heart health.

Ants are also a good source of fiber. Chitin, an insoluble fiber, is found in many insects. Chitin has been shown to decrease total cholesterol and improve HDL (good) cholesterol. In addition, chitin may help to support heart health.

If you do decide to eat ants, you should be sure to wash them thoroughly. Also, make sure the ants are free of pesticides. These pesticides can have harmful side effects on humans, and can be dangerous to pregnant women.