Are Flying Ants Carpenter Ants?

During the spring and summer months, you may notice a large amount of flying ants in your home. You’ve probably wondered if these ants are carpenter ants. Typically, flying ants look like ants, but they have two sets of wings. They tend to congregate in window sills and in accessible areas. They’re often large, but they don’t usually look like the typical black ant.

The first thing you should do is examine the areas where you notice flying ants. These areas can range from a window sill to the top of your home. They can also be in the window frames or on the window ledges. You should also look for signs of carpenter ant nests. The nest may be found in a woodpile or in a wooded area around your home.

If you notice large numbers of flying ants, it’s best to contact a pest control professional. These professionals have specialized tools and training to handle any type of ant problem. They can also create a customized treatment plan to solve your infestation.

Carpenter ants are omnivorous, feeding on a variety of animal and plant products. They’re attracted to wet, decaying wood and excessive moisture conditions. If your home has moisture problems, such as leaking roofs or gutters, you’ll be at a higher risk for a carpenter ant infestation.

Carpenter ants swarm, or fly, when they’re looking for a new nesting area. They usually swarm in early summer. If you notice ants swarming, you might want to spray an insecticide around the areas where they are swarming.