Ants Can Lift Up to 50 Times Their Own Weight

Traditionally, ants have been thought to be capable of lifting a thousand times their weight. However, a recent study suggests that ants can actually lift up to fifty times their own weight.

There’s no doubt that ants are powerful little critters. They can lift heavy objects, dig large colonies, and carry massive loads. They can also use energy to move other objects, like a large piece of food. In fact, they can move larger pieces of food as a group. In fact, a new VW Beetle with five men inside can be lifted by ants.

They also have the impressive capability of moving a large amount of data. In particular, scientists have observed that ants can move up to 5 milligrams of data at a time. This makes ants one of the strongest insect species on Earth.

They are also exceptionally intelligent. In fact, they use pheromones to help them find food. These little critters have also been known to build impressive structures. They can be quite impressive, as demonstrated by the massive colonies of leafcutter ants. In fact, leafcutter ants can lift thousands of pounds with their jaws.

One of the ant’s more impressive feats is the fact that it can run up to 800 times its body length in a single minute. This is impressive for a critter that’s only two millimeters in length. The human-sized ant of old would have died before running a gauntlet of 50 miles.