Can Hair Dye Kill Head Lice?

If you’ve ever read about how to kill head lice, you may be thinking that you can use a hair dye. However, lice cannot survive the chemicals in hair dyes. While this method may kill some of them, you should go to a lice removal clinic to be sure. This way, you can guarantee 100% lice removal.

Hair dyes may cause skin irritation, so you need to be cautious when handling them. You should wear protective gloves and cover any open parts of your body. You should also avoid dyeing children’s hair because their follicles are much more sensitive and more likely to suffer damage. Furthermore, hair dyes may cause allergic reactions in children.

While head lice are most prevalent in children, they can also infest adults. This is a problem that can affect six to twelve million people each year. While most people have no idea how to get rid of head lice, some believe that using hair dye will help repel the parasitic insects and kill the lice.

Hair dyes containing hydrogen peroxide or ammonia can kill some lice, but it won’t kill them all. And the chemicals in these dyes are ineffective for killing the nits. Lice eggs contain a hard shell that protects them from chemicals and toxins. The dye will also not stop the lice from hatching.

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