What Size Flies For Brook Trout?

What Size Flies For Brook Trout?

When you want to catch Brook Trout, you’ll need to know what size flies to use. These fish don’t care as much about size and shape as other species, and they’ll readily take a wet fly or a small streamer. You can also try dry flies, which are the most common choice for brook trout.

If you’re unfamiliar with flies, it’s a good idea to check a road atlas to see what rivers and streams are available in your state. Look for streams that are cooler in temperature and have a decent flow. Many smaller streams will have spring houses to cool their water.

Another fly pattern that attracts brook trout is a mayfly imitation. The Parachute Adams is a great example of this. It mimics the appearance of a summer beetle and can be tied with a dropper below. It’s a versatile fly that can be used in many situations.

You should also try a weighted nymph. These are often more effective than dry flies and can be fished at the bottom of the stream. These work especially well in fall and early spring. These flies will work well with the smaller streams in the mountains.

While there’s no hard and fast rule as to the right fly size for trout, you should always try to use a combination of colors. Red is the most effective color, followed by pink. Green is a good choice too, because it stands out to trout.