How Are Flies Attracted to Grease?

How Are Flies Attracted to Grease?

Flies are one of the most common pests in restaurants. These flying insects can have a significant impact on the quality of the food served. Among other things, they’re attracted to odors associated with decayed food and waste. Keeping your restaurant clean and hygienic is essential to avoid infestations.

Flies are also attracted to food that contains grease. If you’ve ever noticed them on your food, they might be breeding in your kitchen’s grease traps. These flies are a nuisance, and can carry a variety of infections. You might also notice these flies in your garbage.

One of the easiest ways to reduce your fly problem is to properly manage your garbage. Dirty garbage, rotting fruit and grease attract flies. Almost every Dumpster contains maggots of fruit and filth flies. Additionally, grease traps and recycling bins attract flies.

Other prime breeding areas include garbage cans, food-processing equipment, dishwashers, floor drains, and floors under equipment. Make sure to dry mop all these areas after use. Also, make sure to repair any damaged or leaking appliances to avoid flies from breeding in them.

Using a biode-based cleaning solution, like Invade Bio Cleaner, can greatly improve sanitation and reduce the amount of fly larvae in your sink. This organic cleaner can even treat adult moth flies, which may live in your drain.