Can House Flies Get Big?

The question is, can house flies get big? Flies of this species are generally small, only about a quarter-inch long, and black or grayish-black in color. They sometimes have stripes down the back of their bodies. They do not bite humans, but will buzz around food to feed. However, they can carry diseases, and can spread germs.

House flies are known to lay eggs in homes. The resulting larvae crawl into the home through the exterior and interior spaces. In summer, their life cycle can last a week or two. At the end of their life cycle, the female flies will have produced between 350 and 900 eggs, a total of 150-plus eggs!

To control their population, it is best to eliminate their entry points. Whether you’re battling house flies or cluster flies, the first step is to seal any openings where they can enter your home. This is similar to what you’ll do for other pests, like sealing cracks around roof penetrations.

The common house fly is about 1/4 inch long, with four black stripes on the thorax. They lay their eggs on garbage and animal feces. The larvae develop into maggots that are about a quarter-inch long. Once they’re big enough, they emerge as full-sized adult flies.

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