Why Can’t I See Bed Bugs Biting Me?

Bedbugs are hard to see and can appear on your skin in many different forms. Typically, they appear as a line of bites or a cluster of three to four. If you see these bites on your body, you should immediately contact your health care provider.

While bedbugs come in 90 different varieties, only two species commonly bite humans. Typically, these bugs are reddish-brown and oval-shaped with six legs. They do not have visible wings, and their bites are itchy and small. They will appear red on light-skinned people, but they can also appear pink or purplish on dark skin. After a couple of days, the bites will darken to a deep brown.

Bedbugs can be difficult to spot, but you can usually tell if you have them by the size of their bodies and their eggs. Adult bedbugs can be anywhere from one to five millimeters in size. Female bedbugs lay around 200 to 500 eggs during their lifetime. In order to reproduce, they need a blood meal every 14 days.

Bedbug bites can look like rashes and hives, and some people will not even notice that they have bedbugs on their bodies. They can also leave dark spots on your clothes and sheets. These dark spots are bedbug excrement, and sometimes they will bleed on fabric like a marker. The eggs and shells are tiny, and the nymphs shed pale yellow skins when they reach adulthood.