Can Bed Bugs Play Dead?

When bedbugs feed, they may play dead in order to hide from predators. Some species of bedbugs will pretend to be dead and hide under a bed. Others will lie still after they feed, and some will play dead in the presence of an insecticide. This behavior is common among many insects, including ladybugs and weevils.

There is no known scientific study that proves bedbugs can play dead. However, people often assume that bedbugs play dead after being sprayed with pesticide. This may not be the case, since the insecticide takes some time to kill bedbugs. A dead bedbug does not produce a distinctive odor, and will not try to move if threatened.

Stink bugs, for example, release a coriander-smelling odor. This defense mechanism helps these insects avoid predators and increases their chances of finding mates. But it’s possible that bedbugs use this defense to impersonate dead animals. The best evidence is anecdotal, and no scientific studies have been conducted.

Despite their name, bed bugs are nocturnal insects. This means that they are active at night while humans are sleeping, and rest when they are awake. When you spot a dead bed bug, you should look for its source, apply special bed bug sprays, and thoroughly inspect the body to determine the source.