Which Ants Are Smaller in Size?

Depending on the species, ants can be very small or very large. For instance, the largest ant ever discovered was found in fossilized remains in Wyoming, USA.

The largest ant species is the bull ant. It is native to Australia and lives in warm countries. They are usually 6 to 10 mm long. They have very itchy, burning bites. They can also contaminate foods.

The little black ant is black or brown, and can build underground nests beneath wood or tree bark. They will also nest inside buildings. They feed on sweet liquids and honeydew. They are 1/16 inch long and swarm in the summer.

The carpenter ant is black or brown and is 1/4 to 3/8 inch long. It is especially common in forested areas. They are very dangerous to buildings and property. They forage for live insects and honeydew.

There are 25 different ant species that can infest your home. Some of them are easily confused with other insects. It is important to know their anatomy to help identify which species are present.

Pharaoh ants are a type of ant native to Egypt. They are yellow to brown in color. They are a major predator of many insects. They can spread bacteria, which is a cause for concern. They are also very small and can be difficult to identify.

The tawny crazy ant is a new invasive species from South America. It can take over a yard. It is spreading in the Southeast.