Does Ants Eat Grass?

Almost all ants do not eat grass. They do however feed on other organisms such as dead insects, seed and leaf cuttings.

Ants are known as opportunistic feeders and will eat whatever is available. They also eat sugary and protein-filled items such as candy, jelly and peanut butter. Some ants will feed on fungus.

Depending on the type of ant, they can be helpful or harmful to your lawn. Some ants, such as harvester ants, collect seeds from plants. They store the seeds in special chambers. Then they take them back to the nest to feed the larvae.

Leafcutter ants are known to consume grass. They do this by collecting leaves and cultivating fungus. The fungus helps to improve the health of your lawn.

Other insects, such as beetle larvae, will destroy the roots of your grass. This can cause brown spots in your lawn. It also increases the risk of fungal infections and mold growth.

If you want to keep ants away from your lawn, you should keep the grass moist. Water the grass often to flush out anthills. Also, consider using a chemical ant repellent to keep them from eating the grass.

Unlike most insects, ants prefer to live in colonies. They prefer to live below ground level and dig tunnels to reach the queen chambers. They also use seeds and other foods to feed their larvae.

Ants are attracted to plants that produce sweet fruit. Ants also like plants that produce honeydew. Honeydew is a sticky substance that is excreted by pests.